Leveraging AI to increase your win rate

AI = Artificial Intelligence

It may be against house rules at almost every live casino on the face of the earth to use an electronic aid to win games but on the Internet, it’s the Wild Wild West. Other than a few programs which are banned at big sites such as PokerStars, there is a wide range of software applications available to help improve your poker game online. If you’re not using one, I guarantee that at least one of your opponents is. There are literally hundreds of these available – they range from basic odds calculators to full blown AI engines that will show your opponents propensity to do certain things (fold after a three-bet, bluff the river, etc).

Which one should I start with?

It depends on the level of play and how comfortable you are reading the various stats that are going to be on your screen. Many of the top applications will overlay the poker table and each player will have a box near their name with various acronyms (LAG, TAG, etc) as well as percentages. Being able to digest all of this information and translate that to an action at the poker table is a daunting task to some, so make sure you’re ready. Some are easier to use than others but typically the more granular you want to get with your data, the more difficult that app will be to use.

If you want to start with a good app that fits into most budgets and is user friendly, read this Hold’em Genius Review over at Poker Software Review.com. It’s a pretty mature product that’s been on the market for a few years, is accepted at most poker rooms, and provides a high level of insight to help your game.

Isn’t this cheating?

Not in my opinion. The nature of the Internet lends itself to an “open society” of sorts – we now know where our friends are almost 24/7 thank to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Using Geo-locating technology we can find them on a map and know that they are Tweeting from a coffee shop on 14th Street. Why should poker be any different? These apps are simply taking the same knowledge that one could gain from watching a player play and expanding it on an order of magnitude (in other words, it’s data mining that actions of ALL of the players and making it easier for you to understand). I don’t have any issue with it, I know they’re mining data about ME so I have no qualms about mining data on THEM.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal decision. But I’m willing to bet after going busto a few times without using one of these apps that you will soon join the legions of players that DO use them.

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