How much can you earn playing Sit N Go poker?

A common question that I hear newer players asking is just how profitable can playing Sit and Go tournaments online be? The answer is the same for almost any “how much can you make” question – It depends. Some astronaunts make more than other astronauts. Union truck drivers make more than Non-Union truck drivers (no hatemail regarding this statement, please!).

Ok, let me expand on that answer a bit. Most SNG players are losers, meaning that they are a net-loss over any given 12 month period. Where’s the data to back up that statement? I ran the numbers on several of the leading analytics sites that focus on the online poker market and they 100% back this assertion with hard, cold facts (data). To rain on your parade even more, the number of six-figure income earners playing SNG’s exclusively are very low. Aggregating the sources that I used, there are approximately 40 people that actually earned at least six figures playing SNG tournaments online in 2009.

The top dog for 2009 is a player named Adonis112 with a whopping $319,310 in profit from nothing but Sit and Go poker. So far in 2010, he’s on a TEAR having already earned close to $750,000 playing 1K and 2K entry-fee SNG’s.

Adonis112 = Certified Baller

 So what? This tells me nothing, I don’t have the poker bankroll to play thousand dollar SNG’s.

Then don’t expect to earn this kind of cash. All kidding aside, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication to earn this kind of income playing SNG poker. If you’re seriously thinking of playing Sit N Go tournaments to earn regular paychecks, you’re going to need to do a few things:

- Set the proper expectations. Start with a reasonable bankroll and give yourself approximately 50 buy ins to maintain your sanity during negative swings.

- Leverage the massive amount of data that’s available on Sit N Go players from a database such as Shark Scope.

- Use a program such as Poker Office to exploit that data in real time against your opponents. Poker Software is a must have if you play online today.

- Keep a cool head and remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Losing 10 SNG’s in a row isn’t the end of the world, take a break and play again the next day.

You never answered my question – How much can I make playing Sit and Go Poker online?

Of course I can’t answer this question because there is no way to accurately do so. Can you earn a positive win rate playing SNG’s online? Yes, of course. Does that mean that you will be able to do it? With the proper training and a ton of discipline, yes. Just be prepared to spend a decent amount of coin ‘learning” how to beat SNG Poker, you will lose more than you’ll win to start. Just keep it steady and with time, you’ll hopefully see your bankroll begin to grow.

Good luck at the tables!

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