Security Breach Revealed on Bet24

If you thought everything was peachy keen in the security of online casinos, then you certainly thought wrong. Just recently, it was revealed that there was actually a security breach at the online sportsbook and poker site, Bet24, way back in December 2009. They have already managed to arrest the perpetrators. But of course, with nearly two years of the data in the hands of these individuals, the extent of the damage is difficult to gauge.

What was Stolen?

The security breach, as mentioned, happened way back in 2009. During that time, several important data was stolen, such as names, addresses, email addresses, and more. Even passwords and card numbers were stolen. The perpetrators, of course, used the data they stole in order to access the accounts of the players, both on Bet24 and their personal email accounts. It’s almost certain that this data has already been distributed and used by the hackers. Bet24 has already issued a message advising players on what they should do in light of the breach, which is to change all their passwords, monitor their bank accounts, and to contact Bet24 in case they believe that there has been a breach. Bet24 says that there is no reason to believe that accounts created after 2009 were compromised.

Why just now?

What irks most people is the fact that Bet24 waited this long to inform people. It has been nearly two years since the whole affair and people are just learning about it now, when it’s most likely too late to do anything. Their customers certainly deserved a lot better treatment than this, and this incident will no doubt harm Bet24’s reputation quite a bit. It’s very disturbing how they thought that they could keep something this big and reveal it only when it’s convenient for them and they can say that the perpetrators were arrested. The site will no doubt suffer heavier damage from the fact that they were late in informing the players than if they had revealed the whole thing when it had just happened. Who knows what happened to the information in these past two years? You know what they say about things posted in the internet, they never truly disappear. These hackers have likely created several copies of the data and passed it on to their colleagues. At the end of the day, for sure, all accusing fingers will be pointed to Bet24 and their irresponsible response to the crisis.

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