PokerTracker4 Beta to be Launched this 2011

If you’re a casual poker player, then this will probably mean little to you. but for those who are very serious about playing poker, the software called PokerTracker is practically like a virtual Bible. This piece of software is the foremost poker hand analysis tool available today. As such, the announcement of PokerTracker 4 being launched this year is huge news for those who use the software. It’s a much-anticipated release, especially with the new features they implemented.

About PokerTracker

Poker Tracker is an indispensable tool if you ever want to get anywhere with your online poker career. Live poker players may scoff at the software because it gives players an ‘unfair’ advantage and it doesn’t really make the game seem like ‘real’ poker anymore. However, one still cannot deny that the software is now an integral part of online gaming. You’d be at a huge disadvantage if you don’t use it when so many others do. Besides, the tool can also be used as a learning agent. PokerTracker allows players to look up hand analysis, tracking, and statistics. You can use it to study your game and to familiarize yourself with the hands and their odds of winning.

About PokerTracker 4

If you’ve been using the software, then you surely understand the significance of this update. The developers really listened to their users and implemented features made from reasonable suggestions. Its most significant upgrade is in its Heads-Up Display (HUD). The engine has been redesigned to make the tables look sleeker and to make the statistics much easier to read. As such, with PT4, you can expect a much cleaner interface and none of all that clutter. They have also added a bunch of new features to the HUD such as dragging and dropping of important statistics. They’re going to implement some pre-built HUD profiles too in order to help out new users. The software has also been given the power to analyze the player’s game and to infer the player’s weaknesses with the use of statistics. They’re also going to implement a Money Flow Chart which shows how the money goes from one player to another.

Another very important feature is the integration of video sharing into the software. Players can now export videos to YouTube through the software. Manual database maintenance will no longer be necessary, as they have made it automatic.

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