Players can Earn Cash through BetOnline Poker’s Pop Points Promotion

BetOnline Poker is offering its players the chance to earn a lot of extra cash through an exclusive Pop Points promotion. To earn these points, players are required to play real money poker offered by the r site. The points earned can be converted to cash by playing the $500 POP2Cash tournaments.

Steps to Enter the Promotion

To play real money poker tournaments, players have to pay for buy-ins. For every 10 cents of buy-in that contributes towards the rake, a single Pop Point is awarded to players. The maximum rake amount paid on a table at the site is $3 irrespective of how big the pot is. For example, if at a table there are 5 participants, and the pot amount is $50, then contribution from each player will be $10. After this, the rake is calculated by the site, which is calculated on the basis of 5% = 50 cents. For very 10 cents, one Pop point is awarded.

Players can Use Pop Points to Enter $500 POP2Cash Tournament

Players can use the Pop Points to enter into POP2Cash tournaments worth $500, held weekly. It starts at the site every Friday. The buy-in for the tourney is 100 Pop Points.

When players start playing at real money poker tables on the site, the Pop Points are not displayed for the initial 24 hours. After a day of play is over, the Pop Points are displayed immediately when a player leaves a table. Players interested in finding out the number of Pop Points collected, have to refer to the ‘other balances’ section on the site.

BetOnline Runs Quite a Few Other Promotions

Apart from Pop points, quite a few other interesting promotions are run by the site. An attractive Tournament Bonus is offered to the real money players of the site. To qualify for the bonus program, players have to make a deposit of at least $50. Every time a deposit of $50 is made on the site, 200 Promo Bucks are offered.

The maximum number of Promo Bucks that players can receive is 4,000. To get these Promo Bucks, players have to send a request to the site within a day of making deposits. BetOnline Poker processes these requests within 24 hours. An interesting aspect about Promo Bucks is that they don’t have cash value.

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