NGC to Amend Online Poker Regulations

The Nevada Gambling Commission stated that it plans to incorporate changes in an online poker regulatory framework. The commission had developed the framework after it was told to do so by Governor Brian Sandoval. As a part of the changes which the Nevada Gambling Commission plans to incorporate, a set of new rules have been introduced for an interactive system of gambling in Nevada.

New Rules Aim at Protecting Interests of Players

The new rules that the Nevada Gambling Commission proposes to introduce, aim at protecting players’ interests. According to these rules, all poker sites have to set aside the fund which is collected as deposits made by players. It has also been specified that a fraction of reserve funds will be in the form of cash.

Operators Prohibited from Using Reserve Funds to Clear Debts

According to the amendments to be introduced, the gaming service of online poker and the financial institutions which handle reserve funds, have to make sure that players’ money is not used for the purpose of clearing debts of gambling operators. In addition, the institutions handling reserve funds also have to make sure that players are provided with timely payouts, on request.

Gaming Control Board Declares Protecting Player’s Interests as its Core Responsibility

A member of the Gaming Control Board, A.G. Burnett, stated that protecting players’ interests is the key responsibility of the board. The financial scenario of land based casinos has been uncertain, which means that the board should focus more on protecting players’ funds. Adequate amount of time has to be spent for this.

New Rules Allow Online Poker Companies to Advertize their Sites through Professionals

The new rules proposed by the Nevada Gambling Commission allow online poker rooms to market their sites through poker professionals. This is good news for those who play poker professionally.

Sites Should Make Sure Bots are Not Involved in Games

The problem of bots taking unfair advantage of poker games offered online was discussed at a hearing at Capitol Hill. A consumer protection expert, Kurt Eggert, stated that it is quite difficult to control bots from taking part in online poker games. Poker gaming operators must employ adequate measures to make sure games are not played by bots but by humans only. Nevada based online gaming operators are also expected to make sure that their players are able to experience fair gaming on the sites.

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