New Beta Version of PokerTracker Released

Hundreds of thousands of poker players have been using poker tracking software such as PokerTracker. PokerTracker 3 just released its latest Beta this Christmas holiday. The new Beta version includes a number of updates, features and improvements to give its performance a boost, which gives its players a much better time of making use of the software.

New Features

PokerTracker is basically the most popular poker tracking software around, giving players the ability to track the betting tendencies of their opponents, as well as keeping tabs on theirs as well. It has earned quite a reputation due to the benefits it offers and the ease to which one uses it. PokerTracker has recently released its newest Beta version, version 3.11.7, which means that players will be able to enjoy a number of new features built into it. One of the more noticeable changes to the poker tracking software is the Session Only statistic restriction for Cake Poker Network has been removed. Another major difference in the new version compared to the old one is the fact that Play Money statistics is now supported. The players will now be able to try out what the software is all about without having to make real money wagers.

The second change made proved to be a huge improvement over its older versions due to the fact that players are now able to get an idea how to improve their play style based on their patterns on betting without having to make real deposits. Through the use of the Play Money Support feature, the players will be able to get a detailed statistics on how they play and change their play style if it does not prove to be effective in the long run. This is a cool new addition that will attract non users to trying out the usefulness of the software when playing competitively.

Performance Improvements

Of course, the new version also includes a number of fixes that would further make it all worth your while. Quite a number of these fixes improve the overall performance of the software, which means that the users of the software will experience less trouble operating it as they go. The fixes include improvements in the hand history, the amount of time it takes to open the tables on different sites, the HUD of the software, and quite a number more of others. This new version of PokerTracker will also be compatible with Full Tilt Poker on its relaunch.

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