Gaming Officials Propose Ways to Regulate Online Poker

As the issue of the legalization of online poker heats up, some state governing authorities have presented some ways to regulate online poker once the issue has been resolved in the future and if people can then process transactions legally from playing online poker. The Proposals were presented right after the Nevada Legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval approved the Assembly Bill 258 which was passed in the 2011 Nevada Legislature, which led the agency to set up a number of internet poker regulations, Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli said.

The Proposals

The proposals were posted to the Nevada Gaming Control Board website on Wednesday and they include a number of items to ensure everything is in order. One of the proposals is a number of rules for the finding of entity, suitability, technology approvals, audit and records, and customer records. Another proposal is that the online gaming companies should be monitored regarding the different aspects involving fairness, stability, quality service, and so on. There should also be a form of disciplinary action to be executed once an online gaming company violates these rules.

Putting Up the Best Services

Basically, everything included in the proposals are to make sure that the quality of services aside from the entertainment the players receive when gaming is top notch. “Internet poker has become a multibillion dollar business around the world. The technology supporting it, while not perfect, has improved dramatically since its introduction. Similar to our land based requirements, Nevada will establish high standards giving much confidence as possible in the entities and technologies that might eventually gain approval,” Liparelli said in a manner that online poker might be legalized. Of course, Liparelli also stated that “We can’t predict what may happen with any national legislation and we have attempted to frame these regulations in a manner that will provide appropriate flexibility. This will be a rigorous process and these regulations will, no doubt, undergo a good deal of revision.” The proposal regarding the regulation of online poker will be put through a workshop which will provide for amendments and revisions to it. The first regulatory workshop is scheduled on September 26.

Lipparelli said that the state of Nevada is merely preparing itself if even the congress decides to legalize online poker. If ever it is legalized, the state of Nevada will be able to start licensing various entities for intrastate gaming.

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