Framework for Internet Poker Set by Nevada

The key regulatory body of Nevada drew a framework for regulating online poker within the state. With this, Nevada will become the first state to offer online poker products in the United States. A comprehensive framework has been chalked out by the Nevada Gaming Control Board which incorporates quite a few new rules.

Casino Companies are Allowed to Operate within the Boundaries of Nevada

Casino companies are allowed to start operating their websites and offer gambling products to players residing within the boundary of Nevada only. The websites are expected to start operating before the end of next year. The chairperson of Nevada Gaming Control Board, Mark Lipparelli stated that sites will be allowed to operate provided they adhere to the gambling standards set by the state.


The new rules drawn by the control board were approved unanimously by members of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Lipparelli stated that the approval of internet poker regulations formulated by the gaming control board is a crucial step for establishing the foundation of internet poker in the US.

Approved Regulations to Bring about Technical Improvements on Poker Websites

The recently formulated regulations propose to amend certain aspects of the existing Nevada gaming laws. To include online poker, certain technical improvements are required to be brought about. These are related specifically with regard to processing players’ transactions. Under the regulations, poker sites should also employ efficient software capable of detecting the age of gamblers. Location and age of every player should be verified by sites within a month after registration is completed.

Nevada gambling regulations also address issues faced by poker sites during the Black Friday incident. Licenses of 3 poker rooms were suspended by the US Department of Justice in April 2011, as the sites were unable to return players’ money and had violated American gambling laws. To avoid such situations, the new Nevada regulations require operators to retain cash separately so that players can be paid back on requesting for withdrawals.

Nevada Regulations Limit the Profits Derived by Celebrity Poker Players

The newly adopted Nevada regulations have provisions to limit the profits made by celebrity poker players. Such rules have been designed to address issues that Full Tilt Poker faced. Technology will be made available to online gambling firms so that the number of bets placed by players can be restricted. Under the regulations, the key operators of gaming sites will be those who own casino companies within Nevada.

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