DOJ Issued Legal Opinion on Online Gambling in the US

The US Department of Justice issued a legal opinion recently which paved the way for regulating intrastate online poker in the country. Although the legal opinion was issued recently, the decision was made long ago when senators, Jon Kyl and Harry Reid requested the federal government to clarify its stance on internet poker.

New York and Illinois Asked for Clarifications Regarding the Wire Act

The Wire Act, passed in the year 1961, is the key law that the US Department of Justice passed with regard to internet gambling. New York and Illinois recently requested the US government to clarify certain aspects of the law.

According to the new interpretation of the Wire Act by the federal government, the law is applicable solely for sports betting and not for internet poker and casino games. The new stance of the Department of Justice reversed the position which it held for so long – all forms of gambling are considered illegal in the United States. However, the Department of Justice made no indication that online gambling will be regulated in the country in the near future.

Quite a few states are expected to take advantage of the change in position of the Department of Justice. Operators are hoping to offer internet poker products within a regulated environment soon.

US States Attempting to Regulate Internet Poker Within their Boundaries

Nevada passed a law recently that will allow operators to offer online poker within the boundaries of the state. The Nevada Gaming Control Board declared that it has already received around 6 license applications for internet poker. The companies were holding off till the federal government declared its stance. Now, the Nevada Gaming Control Board can allow operators to offer intrastate poker products to the residents of Nevada.

The Columbia District has also been planning to offer internet poker to its residents for a long time. With the latest decision taken by the DOJ, the district can now give shape to its long delayed plans. States like Florida, California, New Jersey and Iowa also attempted to regulate online poker for their residents. However, all attempts were rejected by the federal government.

Internet Gambling Expected to Generate Yearly Revenue of $6 Billion to $100 Billion

According to reports, regulation of internet gambling in the United States will result in the generation of large sums as revenue – between $6 billion and $100 billion per year. This can make online poker quite profitable if it is legalized and offered at poker rooms on the internet.

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