CarbonPoker Announces Tournaments for Fat and Slim Stacks

CarbonPoker launched two new tournaments recently that are rake-free. These tournaments are intended to change how players feel about managing their bankrolls. The events began on the 2nd of December, 2011.

How the Promotions Works

Players will be given the chance to participate in two weekly ‘fat stack’ tournaments for which the buy-ins are $2 and $5 respectively. These events will require players to have starting stacks of $1,000,000. The blinds that are featured in the games will begin at 25,000 and 50,000.

On the other hand, there are also two weekly ‘slim stack’ tournaments. The players must choose between an event with a buy-in of $2 and one of $5. These events are intended for cautious players. The starting stack requires only 10 chips. The blinds for the tournament are set at $0.5 and $1.

Though the blinds for the fat stack tournament begin at 25,000 and 50,000, the amount will increase as the blinds are raised every 10 minutes while the tournament is ongoing. The fat stack event gives players the advantage of having a large stack to wager with, putting less pressure on the players in general.

However, the slim stack tournament is the best way to test a player’s skills at managing a bankroll. The blinds, which are set at lower amounts, are raised every 2 minutes, ensuring that the game is dynamic and fast moving.

Schedule of the Tournaments

The weekly tournaments are conducted on Fridays. The first event that is held is the $2 fat stack tournament which begins at 20:00 PM Carbon Server Time (CST). The locations of the event can either be regular, scheduled or a combination of regular and SitNGo. The $2 slim stack tournament is hosted on the same days at 21:00 PM (CST). The location options of the tournament are the same as the $2 fat stack tournament.

The fat stack event that has a $5 buy-in will be held like the other events, on Fridays. However, the tournament will begin at 22:00 PM (CST). The location options are Regular, Scheduled and SitNGo tournaments. The $5 slim stack event will start at 23:00 PM (CST). This event will also share the location options of the previous events.

Other Promotions Offered by CarbonPoker

CarbonPoker offers players the chance to double their VIP points through wagers made on Mondays and Tuesdays. The promo is called ‘2X VIP Points December’. The promo will be offered between the 1st of December and the 31st (2011). Players who have opted to take part in the promo will be awarded double the number of VIP points that they will earn while playing cash games, SitNGo’s and Multi-Table Tournaments during the promotional period.

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