Rush Poker Tournaments Top 10 Tips


Several months ago, I wrote about Full Tilt Poker and (at that time) a relatively new spin on their Rush Poker game. Pretty simple equation – take the Rush concept and apply it to tournaments. Based on the traffic that I now get on this site just from people searching Google for “Rush Poker Tournament Strategy” it’s clear to me that the concept took hold. It’s what all the cool kids are playing!

Some people (myself included) are a little ADHD so I’m going to assemble a Top Ten list of things you should remember when playing Rush Poker. Some of it’s tongue in cheek so if you don’t have a sense of humor, stop reading now and head over to two plus two.

Top Ten Reasons to play Rush Poker:

10. You want to be just like Phil

9. You only have 10 minutes battery life on your laptop and need a quick poker fix

8. You mis-clicked and thought you were actually entering a standard ring game

7. You thought it was “Fuss” poker and only wanted to bitch about a bad beat

6. Love to multi table but can’t afford a second monitor

5. Can’t commit to a long term relationship so this is the ideal format for you

4. You love a good hit and run

3. Can’t hide from your significant other long enough to play any other form of poker

2. You have no strategy to speak of so blindly playing against a rotating supply of bad players is ideal for you

1. You just want to lose your money THAT much faster

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